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The Company

Colli Drill is a company which produces and sells underground drilling tools. It was set up in 1988 and is now among the leading producers worldwide of rods and tools for guided and vertical drilling (water wells, research and extraction of underground fluids, geognostics). Thanks to on-going investments in research and in trying out new productive technologies and cutting edge materials, Colli Drill can offer its clients top notch equipment and materials.

Goals and Mission

Quality and environment are issues that International Drilling Tools deals with daily as a strong strategic and operational commitment and with knowledge that only the recovery of non-compliance can permit the increase in market competitiveness and ensures “Customer Satisfaction”.
IDT puts the client and respect for the environment At the heart of its activities: all corporate structures work synergistically together to meet customer requirements and improve environmental performance.
Therefore the pursuit of goals such as : maintaining market leadership, respect for the explicit and implicit contractual commitments undertaken with the interested parties (property, clients, employees, suppliers) in respect of transparency and fairness, care of customer communication, compliance with laws and regulations as well as corporate policies.
The responsibility towards the environment, the adoption of technological processes that can produce fewer environmental impacts in economic and technical terms at the same time can be advanced production processes, the accurate tests on raw materials and finished products; the training and formation of all employees, compliance with laws governing safety in the workplace and privacy, allowing International Drilling Tools to interpret, respond and satisfy customer demands, even the most demanding, and collocates itself within the international panorama as leader in drilling,providing professionalism and rapid communications ensuring high quality products.



Colli Drill s.p.a. was certified ISO 9001 in 1996 for the production of drill rods. The quality certificate is the result of the commitment of the company throughout the years in the fields of research and product innovation.


The Colli Group today is made up of nine companies in three different continents with about 100 employees and boasts a total turnover of more than 25 million dollars. Its fields of activity include the production and sale of drill rods and drill machines, the sale and renting of Air Compressors, and the production and sale of tie bars.


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Adresses / Contact

Colli Drill S.p.a.
Strada Regionale 313, 2, Fara in Sabina
RI (Roma) – ITALY

Tel.: +39 06.9085000
Fax: +39 06.9085301

Skype: infocolli


Per informazioni generali:
E-mail: web@collidrill.it

Sales offices

GENNI COLLI   ( g.colli@collidrill.it )
MASSIMO COLLI   ( m.colli@collidrill.it )


VINCENZO PASCULLI   ( e.pasculli@collidrill.it )
MILENA LUCIDI   ( m.lucidi@collidrill.it )

Russian official distributor

Mr. ALEX DIDICHUCK   ( didichuck@collidrill.ru )
Skype: alex.didichuck

Vyborgskaya nab., 61 office # 418-A

Office phone: +7 (812) 406-9883
Cell phone: +7 (921) 943-3614
Cell phone: +7 (950) 043-2200
web-site: www.collidrill.ru